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Infos for organizers

Seasonal restrictions: 

All Holmikers work full time. Therefore, not too many engagements can be accepted. The performances are normally limited to the time between Septembers until May. For very special events exceptional performances at other times are possible.

Size of the stage: 

For the act a stage size of at least 12m times 10m is needed. The height must be clear up to 5m.

Light and Music: 

The lighting and sound equipment must be supplied and operated by the organizer of the event. The necessary setting of the lighting will be practised and checked before the show. The music is to be played from CD. Other sound carriers are possible on request.

Duration of the Acts: 

The Horror Show takes 6 minutes, Snow-white and the seven dwarfs approx. 7 minutes.


The Holmikers always bring their own equipment. The drive way leading up to the theatre hall must be fit for a 3.5t delivery truck.

Assembly and disassembly of the scene:

Depending on the situation the assembly of the scene takes between 60 and 90 seconds. The disassembly takes less than 60 seconds. The stage crew (six to eight persons) will be briefed during rehearsals.

Dressing rooms: 

A dressing room with mirrors as well as with hot and cold running water and showers is required.


The fees depend on the number of performances and the overall time involved. Apart from the fee for the show the event organizer will also bear the costs for travel and transport as well as for food and lodging.

Booking and Planning Engagements: 

Because all members of the Holmikers have a regular full time job the Holmikers usually can only confirm engagements six to nine months in advance. Early inquiries will enhance the chances for a successful engagement.

Further Acts: 


Beside the humorous acts, the Holmikers also offer shows on three to five parallel bars or on a floor of at least twelve by twelve metres. Both shows are based on synchronicity and perfection. The performances can be viewed by following the link.

TV Mels
Floor gym team
Paralell bar team


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